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After a meticulous restoration work that lasted some months, here it is finally:

one of the most colossal, complex, expensive and elaborate sound reproduction systems ever conceived.

The Wilson Audio Wamm loudspeakers, here in the sixth and penultimate version which differs from the last for the only loudspeaker used in the sub woofer, in the 6 a Magnat in the 7 a Focal, represented the dream of multitudes of audiophiles from all over the planet among the 80s and 90s, a dream come true for a few as the cost was 240,000 euros

For those not familiar we are talking about 32 elements for a total of 5 ways managed by multi-amplification in part active and partly passive and by an equalization control that allows to finely interface the whole with the room where it will be installed.

Every single element must be aligned in phase by means of a complex structure entirely in aluminum that allows to make the emission centers of the various units uniform.

The images fail to show the majesty of this colossus, the main columns, linear up to 40 Hz each consist of an electrostatic panel formed by nine Jantzen cells, two Kef ellipticals, two medium-low Seas and a pair of Focal tweeters, the monstrous monolithic sub-woofers employ a gigantic Magnat speaker

Every single speaker has been modified according to Dave Wislon's specifications, just as Crown's original equalization unit has been thoroughly revised and fitted with custom class A modules, completing all the electronic crossover that separates the sub woofers from the rest. The power supplies are all external to the main chassis.

The restoration work included the reconstruction of the Tw and mid-low foam suspensions and the complete rebuilding of the external absorbent parts located on practically all the front panels.

New designs have been carried out that accurately trace the originals and by water cutting the parts have been relocated with precision as in origin, using the same materials both in density and thickness.

Also the sponge grids have been replaced using the same procedure.

On a technical level every single speaker and electronic part has been meticulously revised.

The whole is now presented in a spectacular way. The wooden parts are splendid.

Keep in mind that the system had only one owner, it was installed personally by David Wislon and has not moved from the room since 1990, so the condition is really very close to that of a new device.

Obviously a system like this must be installed by competent personnel.

We are available for direct delivery throughout Europe and any shipment in specially made wooden crates.

In both cases the costs will be agreed in advance.

Soon the listening impressions.

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