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Definitely one of the most aesthetically refined amplifiers of all time

200 + 200 Watt for over 35kg of weight. Rare numbers when it was put into production in 1980.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION who knows this amplifier knows that the final transistors had unfortunately short life (on average two to three years) as they were used to the limit. All those you see on the market are therefore got assisted for more or less importants problems. We highlight it clearly, the final devices have been replaced with updated models and probably more performing than those originally, at the same time a complete recapping of the exhausted electrolytic capacitors has been performed.

The device is sold at a figure well below the usual market assessment but probably the sound performance has had a significant improvement

has some aesthetic imperfection in the upper part of the front panel, so it is offered at a price significantly lower than the real market value


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