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Having the chance of having the latest ELS 8X BB available, we had the opportunity to compare both models

I state that the considerations made for the 8 that report below coincide almost perfectly. 

The main difference is limited to the deep bass range, here slightly less "heavy" but for the rest: resolution, reconstruction of the stage in the three dimensions, naturalness are similar.

The project is more dated, it dates back to 1966 but this pair is one of the latest productions from the serial number we deduce 1976 

Also in this case it is a three way, with a larger number of cells (10 against 8) for each speaker.

The dimensions are similar 765 x 1875 mm the lowest weight: 35.5 kg

They are powered by 100 volts, I am almost certain that this version has never been distributed in Europe. A specific transformer will be provided. 

The cables have been made specifically not being the classic binding posts, it is in fact a single Amphenol 8-pole connector that conveys both the power supply and the signal coming from the amplifier.


Some loudspeakers in the history of high fidelity give a sense of fulfillment that transcends the objective limits of the speaker itself.

The Stax ELS 8X BB will not allow you to realistic volumes with rock or large orchestra, the level in dB achievable will still be remarkable.

But if your musical tastes are oriented towards: jazz, chamber music, voices, this pair of electrostatic speakers is able to transport you to a new dimension, an experience that leaves even the most experienced audiophiles amazed.

It's a difficult feeling to explain, you have to hear them.

The basic impression is that all the systems previously heard somehow get lost in the street. The richness of detail is such that it seems to listen to our most loved songs through a "music" magnifying glass

those who know me know that for many years I have a predilection for planar speakers. I think I can say with reasonable certainty that I have tested (I do not speak of short auditions in local and unknown systems upstream but in-depth tests in our rooms and with chains that are up to the situations and perfectly known) most of the "panels" in I'm talking about Acoustat, Beveridge, Quad, Soundlab, Martin Logan, Audiostatic, in the electrostatic field but also Bohlender, Infinity, Magneplanar, Apogee and other magnetoplanars.

But these Stax have something more than all those mentioned above.

It is a three-way with six cells for the basses, two for the mids and two for the high frequencies respectively.

The wooden part is typical of Stax productions, natural wood and veneered plywood, unpainted, simply oiled. The grid is in "seven threads" linen

The aesthetic conditions are immaculate, the wood has been oiled, does not present any noteworthy imperfections, some slight scratches due to the time and to the really demanding dimensions

Our laboratory has verified all the electrical parameters, the respect of the tensions, the full efficiency of the cells and the lack of any minimal defect.

The price, very high in absolute takes into account the rarity of the speakers, the conditions of exposure of these, and the superlative and in some respects unreachable sound quality



Given the size and delicacy we do not recommend shipping, however possible to make wooden containers, preferable delivery on our part to the cost to be agreed or collection at our office.

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