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Brand: Siemens

Type: CCa

Manufacturer and factory: Siemens Munich

CodeAØ 1≠ 2D

Year of production: 1962

Structure's features: Halo getter, shield, gold pin

Conditions: Nib

Rating : 1

Original package : reboxed

Siemens CCa is the selection made by the most famous producer in audio , starting with the excellent features of the Siemens E88CC version of the same selection guarantees the highest standards for the electrical and valve operation , this type of selection was especially designed for customers with need to perform at a high level as those required for example in systems of long-distance transmission .

Main recipients were some big clients like Deutsch Post in Germany.

In particular, the Siemens CCa A0 is the first version was produced until the end of 1965 approximately , CCa is the most sought after and traded , universally regarded as the best version produced .

The selection CCa involves a different yield in audio electronics than equivalent Siemens E88CC version , compared to E88CC of today's production is particularly suitable to ensure improvements on the parameters of :

increased definition and transparency

control and reduction of frequencies mediobasse / low
greater richness of harmonics in the upper and middle / high frequencies
Siemens CCa A0 is the rarest and most sought after of all.

The internal triode are perfectly balanced 2-3% !!




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