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The Syrinx PU3 is an excellent tonearm, designed by Scott Strachan is the evolution of PU2

 has an articulation with excellent low friction bearings and his sounds is very very good. The only thing is the fixed cable and not a great quality


so we have been thinking of improving this important aspect, so we have designed and built a brass bush with a 5-pin standard DIN connector in order to allows PU3 to accept any better cable quality you want This one on sell is already equipped with this important modification

Original box


Effective length: 228mm

Overhang: 16.6mm

Offset angle: 23.4 degrees

Mounting distance: 211.4mm

Mounting hole: 30mm

Effective mass: 11g

Headshell: non-detachable

VTF: uncalibrated

Anti-skate: uncalibrated

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