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During the years of study for the realization of our turntable Q U A T T R O we have accumulated a series of prototypes or parts of them that we have decided to put on sale.

These are products with final finishing levels, of which we have decided not to carry on production for purely commercial reasons, not technical, the products will be described here in every part in a complete and exhaustive way. Prices are extremely competitive in relation to the quality of these components.

This is  a complete turntable prototype for 12" tonearms


Minimalist turntable with exceptional sonic performance when compared to the price

The double magnetic levitation of the spindle and bearing and feet allow a cartridge-arm grade of isolation from the external environment simply extraordinary system, absence of noise, dynamics and micro-contrast are the primary features of this together.

The pin and the bushing are made through the use of five different materials: ceramic for the pin, the bronze bushing, steel for ball, neodymium for the magnetic rings, aluminum for the remaining parts.

 The characteristic of this component is to be able to work in two ways:

1) magnetic levitation, in practice the pin, made of ceramic in this case only serves as a guide, a thin film of oil is interposed between the ceramic and the bushing and the dish is found to "float" in the air, not there is no contact on the bottom. The lack of friction is the impressive levels, manually imparting a strong thrust to the platter we measured over 6 minutes before the cease rotation!

2) resting on a steel ball located on the bottom of the bush. The nice thing is that you can switch between modes as desired, simply by adjusting a knob on the bottom and then locking it with a knurled ring. Keep in mind that the overall height of the disk support surface can vary by passing magnetic levitation to thrust ball resulting in the VTA of the cartridge.

The frame is made of aluminum and is obtained by numerical control milling, not laser cutting which does not ensure an adequate degree of finish of the edge to the results that we set. In the upper part, in the vicinity of the arm, it is inserted a precision level for a perfect leveling. The supports magnetic levitation are entirely made of aluminum, a ceramic guide pin slides in a bearing and the two magnetic elements (neodymium) retain the "floating" frame but stable. The base of the magnetic media is spherical so as to minimize the point of contact with the support surface.

The supports are adjustable in height and preload so as to optimize the efficiency according to the load, which of course will be different in the arm area.

The Synchronous AC motor is on a separate chassis and servocontrolled with electronic speed switch and fine adjustment of each speed.

It is powered by adapter, supplied

The prototype is supplied without arm, the supplied base is for SME standard arm, also made of aluminum, decoupled from the frame.

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