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One of the first systems with multiple separate units.

The MCINTOSH XRT 20 are forerunners of different kinds of speakers, first of all the "line array"the mid-high units are in fact made up of 24 tweeters for each channel to form a column over two meters high.
The peculiarity of this part is that it can be hung on the wall exactly like a picture, the low middle element is structured as well to be leaned against to the back wall and to the distances of the emission centers they are very close together so as to maintain also an excellent phase coherence.
I remember at the end of the 70s I had the opportunity to listen to them in a big shop in my city, the coherence and the three-dimensionality of the scene were amazing, it seemed it was the wall itself emit sound. Try again today, having the chance to confront myself with the maximum calibers in terms of planars, I must say that this is an excellent compromise.
The response of the two 12 "woofers per channel is fast and of great impact, the overall dynamic is very high indeed.
The acoustic scene, of course, extends in a commendable way in height, but because the splitting into several elements also the width is excellent.
Something to say about the depth if it comes to adding everything to the wall. If you have the availability of a minimum of space, with the integrated supports and remove everything from the back wall of about twenty cm, It is just lost on the deep bass but it gains in three-dimensionality of the scene.
Very high level system, difficult to think of something better in terms of versatility and suitability to reproduce any kind of music at this price. Electrical shape perfect, some scrtach un the big mid bass units, you can see on the pictures gallery

Expensive Fadel Art cables from the middle bass and middle high unit

mid bass and woofer refoamend six months ago with original parts

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