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When I first heard them at the Munich High end in 2005, I had no doubt that it was the best sound of the event
surely the German distributor was very skilled in the development and in the choice of the musical pieces but the presentation was thrilling.

Listen again today after so many years and so much further experience with planar speakers the judgment remains very positive.

This is certainly the most "tied" hybrid ever tried so far.

The low range really comes down in a surprising way considering the very small volume available for the two 10 "woofers with a 3 dB point set at 24 Hz !!!.

The "trick" consists of a pair of 200 watts class D amplifiers (one for each woofer) combined with a specific equalization.

The cut between low range and electrostatic panel set at 270 Hz is almost unnoticeable

The mid-high range sports the traditional transparency of the best Martin Logan panels. By relieving these from the excursion required to reproduce the frequencies below the fixed cut, a level of distortion is obtained more from electronics than from a speaker to the advantage of naturalness and transparency.

The necessary power is not excessive, we say that 50-60 watts of high quality are sufficient considering that the lower part is autonomous.

The controls at 25 and 50 hz allow a perfect interface based on the position in the environment and personal tastes, in practice, starting from the Flat-planned position in the factory it is possible to set or enhance the octave centered on these two points by a good 10 dB more or less.

An excellent purchase from the amazing value for money to less than a third of the original cost.


Excellent condition

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