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Imagine the medium range transparency of the ELS 57 Quad, the three dimensionality very close to the Beveridge, the concreteness of the mid-low Apogee Scintilla, the finishing touch and the naturalness of the Great Heil's on the extreme high frequency and you will get something very Similar to the CLX

This is really a speaker out of the schemas. Although it is quite expensive, 32 to 35,000 Euros depending on the country, it is not a "complete" speaker. The manufacturer honestly declares a low linearity that begins to fold around 50 Hz, 56 for precision although it really seems that the descent is very progressive as except in tracks where the bottom frequency are required, such as piano, pipe organ , or large Orchestra, there are no particular deficiencies.

But from where they start, everything is magical.

This is an electrostatic full range, with the classic medium-high curved profile of ML and low planar but highly innovative. In practice it is a panel with three stator instead of the usual two and a double membrane

This technology allows a much more powerful, dynamic 50-360 Hz frequency range with significantly lower distortion levels than the traditional system.

Are they perfect? No. What's missing has already been described but it is not said that you really need to complete the issue. Of course, it depends a lot on the type of music listened to.

If you want to get an absolute reference you need to pair a sub woofer. But a sub with speed characteristics comparable to those of CLX.

We've got great results with the Audio Pro historians, excellent performances with the Janis (which has just come up with the "small" version equipped with amplifier and crossover), AMAZING coupled with Avantgarde BassHorn.

In combination with these, beyond the overall significant cost, you get an absolute listening quality. Like or superior to many "no cost object" systems

The finished is aluminium brushed silver color, all the accessories (spikes, fabric cover etc.) are present

Original packaging so worldwide safe shipment is possible, ask for quote




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