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The "La Scala" , in my opinion, is the most centered the Heritage range. They have not the Klipschorn limitations of the positioning and, yes they are big, but are more readily placed in the room that the Belle


This pair has been modified (to come we will see the modification is fully reversible) according to one project widespread in US. Then starting from version "rough" no veneer, the original enclosures has been reinforced with triangular inserts at center of the bass horns, numerous MDF 20mm thick panels has been added, black lacquered on the edges and rosewood veneer on the the surface view. The results is functional and pleasant.


The bottom paint used on the original enclosures is "gofrato" made with high thick resin what further stiffens the structures it and gives it a very professional appearance at all (the same what type of paint normally used comes own concert speakers for Instance)


But the main modification is creating a new volume of about 65 liters on the bottom of the loudspeakers

This volume takes on a double function: if the lower panel of the "La Scala" is removed (you can see the procedure In the photo gallery) the woofer has a provision further 65 liters volume that allows for sensitive bottom extension and control, if on the contrary it is left to come originally, closed bottom, it is as a pedestal Simply leading the speaker at a right height to the listening point.

The support as finished with the same aesthetics of the speaker.

The components are all original .

The midrange and the tweeter The K55M K77M, the crossover l 'AL3

Conditions Cosmetics are Immaculate whole the restoration has done in very recent times.

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