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Gemme Audio is (or it has been since it is no longer in business) a Canadian company producing very special, minimalist speakers, beautiful design and finishing and with very interesting technical solutions.


These Vivid Second Series employ a small, very special Fostex FE 108E Sigma loudspeakers


The enclosures, although small in size, is enormous compared to the driver employed but the patented VFLEX cargo load requires significant volumes.


The VFLEX is a very special load similar, in my way of seeing, a transmission line but with a reflex termination port


The finishing is impeccable, "grand piano" lacquering on black and rosewood.


The sound does not disappoint the "broadband" lovers, timbre consistency, excellent mid range, but above all a completely unusual bass range that you would not expect from this tiny loudspeaker.


Very high efficiency, declared 92dB, allows it to be coupled with low power tubes amplifiers.


Complete of original double packs and accessories (spikes)


Very good value for money

he Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor first series is better than the next M version

all the owner say this.

Perfect shape with amazing walnut cabinet

Comes with riginal packaging

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