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It was the early 80s when I was going to take a profession I have not abandoned more 

In recent years the most important audio show the national scene has been exposed for the first time 


Franco Serblin had boundless passion for music playback and was studied this wonderful thing is peeling sharply from every other speaker for sale in those years, and has unwittingly prompted a series of guidelines imitated by dozens of companies in those years followed. 

First of all using the solid wood considering it was a sacrilege and was not believed Fosse suitable for the speakers cabinets construction, and the second place reinvented forms of these. 

When I asked Franco The snail cost I realized that not was within my reach, but he told me: "Have patience within a few months we open the company, we will present a speaker that recover the aesthetic of this, but much more accessible, the company will be called Sonus Faber and the loudspeakers Parva " so few months after I became one of the first Franco's customers

I tried to find Snail for much time, the units produced are 10 and who has them if you hold them tight or asks unimaginable money amount. 

Now is here.

It 'clear that what we talk about a product whose market value transcends the sound quality, despite being decidedly upscale. 

The craftsman who made the Snail was, and still it but not I have a knowledge, an extraordinary character.

ore we are able to reassure the buyer under this aspect.


The unit will be shipped in a wood box put on europallet

we ship worldwide



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