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In the first half of the 80s, just in conjunction with the release and the success of the compact disc, a small company, Finial, developed an extremely complex reading system of vinyl records by laser: the device was presented at CES, causing a sensation, of course. Unfortunately, the simultaneous presentation of the CDs quickly failed to wreck this project.


The player was plagued by many problems and it was difficult and complicated to keep it in place.


Many years later, with the reaffirmation of vinyl, a Japanese company, the ELP, took over the project, refining it and solving its initial problems.


The unit in question fills through a complex technology: the reading of the grooves of the vinyl takes place through five laser beams, without ever coming into contact with this, no wear on the disc. The first two do the tracking, the other two read the left and right channels, the last one keeps the height between the laser head and the disc surface, to handle thicker or very deformed vinyls. Sound quality similar to that in the original master tape. Skip trace exactly like a CD player. Maximum separation between the left and right channels and absolutely not comparable with that of any commercially available cartridges. It maintains an analog sound through the whole process, without any digitization. No coloration of the sound. No feedback effect or need of vibration isolation.


The standard of this version was the output directly in line with internal RIAA, but the owner added the expensive option that allows the connection directly to the Phono MM input as a normal turntable, thus using the external Riaa.


It is very important to know that the ELP's turntable is able to extract from the groove a quantity of information that is enormously superior to that of a traditional stylus, so the micro-detail is multiplied. Dust and scratches are detected with the same accuracy. The discs must be perfectly clean, in fact the appliance was sold with a washing machine of the VPI supplied and the instructions clearly state that the LPs should be washed much more often than normal use. Therefore, attention, it must be very clear that to fully enjoy the qualities of this machine you have to follow these instructions, if you think you do not have the patience to do it do not buy it, but if you invest a few minutes of your time in preparing the record before listening you will be rewarded by a performance never heard before with traditional systems.


The conditions are perfect, both electrically and aesthetically. There are double original packaging and all the accessories supplied by the manufacturer including the VPI washing machine practically new as the owner already had one.


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