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My favorite, the Dyavector 501
The first model of Dynavector followed by the 505 and the current 507
Actually, the 501 is virtually identical to 507 of current production with the exception of weight adjustments and antiskating with spring in the latter while in 501 are gravity (in fact perhaps preferable)
The 505 differs for the cable outlet sideways and immediately below the primary arm articulation, which allows it to be assembled without making large holes in the base of the turntable. However, this 501 is definitely a win by virtue of its presence of the arm that in the 505 was optional
The only one arm in the world Bi-axial, practically consisting of two distinct arms, one that allows the rotation on its axis, the second, very short, houses the cartridge and allows the vertical movement. The mass is variable and this allows it to be coupled with the vast majority of cartridges on the market
The ability to follow the unavoidable disk ripples is superb, traceability as well.
At the moment in the occasions there is also a rare DV30B Van De Hul 501's ideal companion.

Given the considerable weight, it is advisable to mount on rigid chassis frames.

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