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Born from the collaboration of Tom Colangelo with Mark Levinson the Performances represent one of the most performing amplifiers ever made
massive with their four-frame construction, and this is the Mark 2 version
it certainly didn't go to savings with the truly impressive interior design, while less importance was given to the panels that cover everything, as is the tradition of the entire Cello range,
which are rather thin
this, combined with the really high mass of the devices, makes it difficult to find them in good aesthetically condition.


This pair of Performances presents some very light scratches, not on the front panels, the performances are amazing (and have been verified by our laboratory)

Product Specifications: 

Class of operation:
Class AB1

Power Output (single amp):

@8 Ohms 
Rated: 200 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >350 Watts

@4 Ohms 
Rated: 400 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >700 Watts

@2 Ohms 
Rated: 800 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >1000 Watts

@1 Ohm 
Rated: 1000 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >1300 Watts

Power Output (bridged set):

@8 Ohms
Rated: 800 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >1400 Watts

@4 Ohms 
Rated: 1600 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >2800 Watts

@2 Ohms 
Rated: 3200 Watts
Clipping: @1000 Hz >4000 Watts

0.13% (60 Hz / 40V Output)


THD (20 - 20000Hz):
<0.1% (8 & 4 Ohms / 40 Volt Output)

Frequency Response:
+0 / -0.8 dB @ 20 - 20000 Hz

Dynamic Headroom:
2.7 dB

Channel Separation:

Signal to Noise:
< -105 dB (1000 Hz / 40 Volt Output)

Input Sensitivity:
1.485 V (8 Ohms / 200 Watts / 40 Volt Output)

Input Impedance:
1 mOhm (Non-Inverting)
5000 Ohms (Inverting)

28 dB

17.5"w / 8.5"h / 18.5"d (each of four chassis)

Shipping Weight:
72 lbs. each Power Supply
60 lbs. each Power Amp 

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