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Bruce Moore products are very rare
Few sample have been made of these endings and of the preamp top of the range also on sale in the specific section. here
The wiring is on air as the best English and Japanese tradition of the golden years.
The single-tube bias system with external controls allows precise adjustment directly by the end user without the need to open the device
The Custom 125 provide 125 watts each when used in ultra-linear and 60 watts if used in triode. In this configuration, especially when combined with its dedicated pre they sound amazing!
In fact, they combine all the features of the most classic valve sounds, with perfect mids and the right warmth, with a richness of detail at the truly remarkable acute extreme. The basses are powerful, the medium-low articulated and fast.
To conclude the sound of Bruce Moore system in my memory seems to me the best ever heard by a tube system.
Moreover the remarkable power that is obtained in ultralinear allows the driving of diffusers also of low efficiency.
Great performance for example with the Dahlquist DQ10
The appliances have been overhauled and are in perfect technical and aesthetic condition
The valves are in good efficiency and valuable as they are all of historical production, in particular only for the 6550 GE we are talking about a value of 1300-1500 euros

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