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Old-time enthusiasts cannot help but know Beveridge.

I will not be here to tell the origins of one of the most extraordinary and innovative speakers of all times, so I refer you to the excellent site of the manufacturer's son I will limit myself and illustrate the basic features .

The peculiarity of these towers is a patented and absolutely brilliant acoustic lens that allows a sound front without more than 180 ° decays !!

Harold Beveridge recommended positioning one in front of the other to fully enjoy the amazing three-dimensionality of the image making the diffuser completely disappear from view

The cost, at the time, of this system WAS doubled that of any other on the market but despite this a substantial number were made and many were sold in our country.

The 3 is much more manageable than the 2 in terms of location and maintenance.

This couple has undergone a profound and complete restoration. The speaker has been completely disassembled.

The electrostatic cells have been removed from the cabinet and tested one by one. With great wonder the functionality was 100%, all are identical and the frequency response is perfect and absolutely flat.

The four woofers have been edged.

According to the manufacturer, the system foresees for each speaker a pair of electrostatic cells and a pair of labyrinth-loaded woofers, but I consider the load more similar to a pneumatic suspension, one on the top of the speaker the second at the base as you can see in the scheme below

The cabinet is a large cylinder 60 cm in diameter with many reinforcements inside. The original finish, as you can easily see from the numerous images on the web, consisted of a series of vertical slats of a couple of cm of width. The result (horrible as far as I'm concerned) made it look like the columns of the Hotel della Riviera in the 70s. Rightly or wrongly I decided to eliminate this ugliness, I removed the strips (fortunately simply glued to a sheet of cardboard then the all wrapped around the cylindrical piece of furniture) and I made it all be re-veneered with the same multilayer finished in real mahogany that is used for the cases of acoustic guitars.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, a further reinforcement of the structure was obtained. The cylindrical piece of furniture stops at about 300 ° of circumference to make room for what is the magic of this speaker, that is the acoustic lens described above

The sponge that masks this element is almost never present because over the years it loses consistency until it dissolves. It has therefore been replaced with a phono-transparent sponge glued on a metal mesh structure which has a dual purpose: to give continuity to the roundness of the cabinet's shape and to better protect the delicate structure of the really fragile acoustic lens. The same sponge was used to shield, as in the past, the space between the foot that houses the crossover and the actual piece of furniture. These are in fact separated by three wooden columns with a matallic internal screw that leave a couple of cm of light between the two elements, indispensable for loading the woofer.

The crossover has been completely overhauled and the capacitors have been replaced with modern Mundorfs of much higher quality, as well as the 16 plastic post bindings with the German WBT have been replaced.

The number of eight connectors per speaker is necessary due to the multiple connection possibilities that include, in addition to the classic single amplification, the use in bi-wiring deciding whether to exploit the internal crossover or in bi-amplification.

How do they sound ??

Like no other diffuser on the market, regardless of the manufacturing period, as regards the scenic reconstruction.

The scene that is presented to the listener is as wide in a horizontal sense as will be the distance between one speaker and another, as high as these and deep as you are not used to listening.

If you approach the pair of 3s and cross their emission center it will seem like walking in the middle of the Jazz group that is playing at that moment.

Really an awesome feeling.

As for the timbric correctness, it is that of the best electrostatics with a delicate, silky and precise midrange, a splendid medium-low and soft and fairly extensive treble, the advice

it is anyway to orient the three a few degrees so that the listener can see a few centimeters of the edge of the sponge that covers the lens and do many tests in this sense.

The 200Hz woofers are discreet and unobtrusive they don't seem to go down that much but a lot depends on the room.

Surely the System 3 are much simpler than the older sisters in terms of integration into the environment

An absolute top indeed





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