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The longtime fans can not not know the Beveridge.

 I will not be here to tell the origins of one of the most exciting and innovative loudspeakers ever made, so I refer you to the excellent website of the manufacturer son and I will explain the basic features . It is electrostatic speakers driven directly from OTL amplifiers dedicated.

 The peculiarity of these towers is an acoustic lens and patented absolutely brilliant that allows a sound front without decays of over 180 ° !!

 Harold Beveridge advised placing one in front of other to enjoy the amazing three-dimensional image by the speaker disappear completely from view, you can see an example in the photo gallery.

 The cost of this system on 1970 years was the double that of any other on the market, but despite this they were built a large number, and many were sold in our country.

 Obviously we are talking about a wonder 40 years ago and the problems can be many.

 This couple from the north of Europe, has been completely overhauled both electrically and cosmetically.

 The amplifiers come with new valves to 100% and all the components most at risk (such as the electrolytic capacitors) have been replaced, for the truth, anyway, power amps did not show any defect if not a certain normal wear of the tubes.

 The electrostatic cells were removed from the cabinet and tested one by one. Much to the amazement, functionality was 100%, all are the same and the frequency response is perfect and absolutely flat.

 The cabinet has been completely restored and painted in glossy white laquer.

 The only thing i done is the replacement of the sub woofer speakers because the old one having a Q too high. I put on a pair of JBL


 so you need an electronic crossover and an amp for the sub. The right cut, based on my experience is around 70 Hz.

 Once in place this system gives indescribable emotions. The accuracy of timbre, the micro dynamics, the absence of distortion but especially the three-dimensionality and the amplitude of the sound does not have rivals




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