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A classic of the 80/90 years

High power given the supply of tubes

8 x 6550 providing 100 + 100 watts on 4/8/16 ohm 

The device has been completely overhauled, the bias of the final valves has been fine-tuned, the valves all controlled, in full efficiency and excellent matching

The 6550 are Svetlana "C" logo !

Like all the Audio Research endings of that generation, it suffers from a slight "bump" at the shutdown, which can not be eliminated as admitted by the manufacturer itself.

"It should be noted that the D-70, D-115 and D-250 ARC amplifiers all have a mild 
turn off noise which is perfectly normal for these units. The mild turn off 
noise according to Audio Research is caused by a temporary DC offset and does no 
harm to the amplifier or speakers in any way."

In any case we have carried out all the necessary checks and we can confirm that apart from the annoyance that this can generate, it is a mild and low intensity spike, so we confirm as well what was confirmed by Audio Research.

One year warranty


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