Product code USCD0025
Category CD PLAYER & DAC
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When you listen to a device like this, one wonders if real progress has been made in digital over the past 25 years.

It sounds good, very well, very analogous I would say, with the medium-high transparent range, extended but never harsh.

The circuitry is totally balanced. The output level is adjustable, therefore the use directly connected to the power amp can be considered.

The mechanism is extraordinary, all in aluminum and the operation is impeccable, the closing and opening of the CD drawer are very quiet.

The operating conditions are perfect the aesthetic ones not at the same level, there are some scratches, and small dents in the polished wooden side panels, however well highlighted in the photo gallery.

The DC81 converter was the world's first fully discrete component with 121 stages (!) Double oversampling of the digital filter and completely separate for the two channels.

A definitive pair.

ATTENTION, the remote control has been lost, are available on the network clones perfectly working, in any case all the functions are replicated on the devices.

For this reason and for aesthetic imperfections, the couple is offered at a very competitive price.

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